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We provide commercial auto insurance solutions to residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Commercial Auto Insurance Massachusetts

What is commercial auto insurance? 

Massachusetts businesses that have vehicles they use for routine operations generally need to insure their vehicles. That’s what commercial auto insurance is for.

Commercial auto insurance provides customizable auto coverages for business-owned vehicles. Coverages are available for protecting vehicles, drivers and passengers, and businesses themselves.

Which businesses in Massachusetts need to carry business auto insurance? 

In Massachusetts, vehicles driven on public roads generally need to be insured with at least the state’s minimum requirements. Businesses that own vehicles normally need business auto insurance. Coverages in addition to what the state requires are broadly and strongly recommended.

Of course, many businesses have vehicles that they use. There are lots of businesses that might end up purchasing a business auto policy, such as:

  • Restaurants offering delivery
  • Taxi and limousine drivers
  • Same-day and last-mile delivery services
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Contractors using vans or trucks
  • Landscapers and snow plow drivers
  • Moving companies
  • Waste disposal centers
  • Retail with delivery

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Commercial Auto Insurance Massachusetts
Commercial Auto Insurance Massachusetts

What coverages are included within business auto insurance policies?

Business auto insurance normally consists of multiple coverages that are included within a single policy. Some important coverages that businesses might need or want include:

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): May provide coverage for injuries sustained by individuals inside company-owned vehicles. Typically covers both the driver and any passengers.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: May provide coverage for injuries to people not inside the company’s vehicles. Typically applies to injuries of other drivers, passengers in other vehicles, or pedestrians.
  • Collision Coverage: May provide coverage for company vehicles if they are damaged in collisions with another vehicle. A collision is typically an accident involving at least one other vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: May provide coverage for company vehicles if they are damaged in incidents other than collisions. Typically applies to damage from falling objects, animal impacts, theft, vandalism, fire and similar events.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: May provide coverage for damage caused to third parties’ property, such as other vehicles, buildings and other property.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: May provide coverage for collisions with drivers who are liable, but don’t have sufficient insurance.

What is “hired and non-owned” coverage? 

Hired and non-owned coverage is a type of commercial auto policy for when vehicles aren’t owned by a business. The coverage normally gives a business liability protection when it has employees drive their personal cars, rented cars, or other cars that the business doesn’t own.

For example, a pizzeria that has employees make deliveries with their own cars might get hired and non-owned coverage. So too might a moving company when renting a larger or extra truck.

Importantly, hired and non-owned usually doesn’t include protection against damage to the vehicles being used. It’s often left to employees to carry comprehensive and collision coverages on their own cars, even when those cars are driven for work.

If hired and non-owned coverage is needed, an insurance agent specializing in business auto policies can help find this type of policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance Massachusetts

Do self-employed business owners need commercial auto for their personal vehicle?

When self-employed business owners use their personal vehicles for work, commercial auto coverage should at least be considered. A personal auto policy may not offer coverage for business-related driving.

In most cases, however, finding commercial auto coverage for this type of situation is fairly easy. It’s certainly something that a knowledgeable insurance agent can assist with.

Depending on how exactly the vehicle is used, an agent might recommend an endorsement or a commercial auto policy. It’s often possible to add an endorsement onto a personal policy, which could cover the self-employed business owner’s work driving. A full commercial policy is likely needed if an endorsement won’t work.

Where can Massachusetts businesses get commercial auto insurance? 

If your Massachusetts business needs to insure one or more vehicles, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Michaud Insurance Agency. We’ll work with you to find commercial auto insurance that’s right for your business’s cars, vans or trucks.

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